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In some circles, I'm affectionately labeled as "VO dad."For those colleagues, it's the guidance and advisement I provide, holding them professionally accountable for growth and progress. For others, it's my plump-and-jovial, dadjoke-slinging, kbbq-loving, and hug-you-like-a-dad personality.I think. 😆Born and raised in South Korea, I immigrated to the U.S. at age 14 and had to rapidly assimilate to both the language and the culture.Having discovered theatre arts during that process, I consider myself extremely fortunate for inadvertently finding my happiness inside an improvisation class during the freshman year of high school. I absolutely fell in love with all things acting and went on to declare a theatre arts performance major, dreaming of living out my life as an actor.But for this immigrant, that American Dream - of a house in the suburbs, white picket fences, two cars in the driveway, 2.5 children - was an unignorable force. Seven semesters into my theatre arts undergrad, I'd change my direction to become a teacher in pursuit of a "more stable career." I enjoyed directing, after all.From '05 to '16, life was truly an American Dream realized: a family, a house in the suburbs, and a stable career as a theatre arts educator. Two electric cars in the driveway. Two kids and a dog: 2.5 children. We don't have white picket fences, though. I don't like fences.But something wasn't right. It wasn't happiness. And I did not know it at the time.In 2016, I lost my job. In this moment of uncertainty and dangerous thoughts, I decided it was time to pursue my happiness. I dusted myself off, got hired at another school, and began my full-time-job-part-time-voice-actor journey.I went full-time in June of 2018 and have been living in happiness ever since. None of this would be possible without my family and friends for whom I am eternally grateful. I literally owe them my life.Happiness is something I talk about a lot: in conversations, coaching sessions, public speaking opportunities, and at every chance I get. It is this very happiness that I breathe into the characters I play, the scripts I narrate, and the relationships I build - an infusion of my authentic happiness as a voice actor, an educator, and a human being.Acting is fun. Teaching is fun. Streaming is fun. Running a voiceover business is fun. Heck, even filing compliance documents for my LLC is fun. The responsibility I owe to my clients and the characters I'm entrusted to play are most definitely, fun.Because I'm simply living my genuine happiness, and because it's authentically fun for me, you can - and will - hear it.This is my craft. And my promise.

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